The Power of Video Marketing

Whether it be on social media or TV, websites or blogs, emails or landing pages, you likely view more videos per day or 

week than your first ballpark guess.


When done right, i.e. professionally done and with creative ideas, don’t underestimate the power of video marketing.


The numbers surrounding online video viewership is staggering. Facebook reports that they are getting more than 4 billion (yes, billion) video views per day. There are 500 million Facebook users watching online videos per day accounting for 100 million video hours watched, yet again, PER DAY. As a frequent Facebook user myself, those numbers are still shocking. The most eye-opening fact is that Facebook is not primarily a video platform like Youtube but their video numbers are still that high.


When it comes to Youtube, though, reports show they are getting 5 billion video views per day. There’s 1 billion hours of Youtube video watched per day and 500 hours of video uploaded per minute. According to Google, in an average week, Youtube reaches more adults within the age range of 18 to 49 than all cable TV networks combined.


Not only is video reaching large audiences, it’s creating more engagement and ROI. Research shows online videos are shared at a rate of 1200% higher than text and images combined.  Online videos on Facebook increases end-user engagements by 33%. Video also tends to garner double the clicks on social media posts, emails, landing pages, etc. Businesses who use video tend to grow their revenue 49% higher than those who don’t.


Not to mention the benefit of having video on your website. Website content is key to SEO and online video only boosts your content and your web rank right along with it.


However, online video can have an adverse effect. There‘s research that shows as high as 80% of viewers choose not to buy a product because they disliked a video. They didn‘t like the sound or tone, it seemed unprofessionally done, too long, not applicable to all platforms, etc. Also, about 90% of online video views are done with no sound. How’s that changed your strategy?


Video marketing is proven to have the audience size and consumer engagement to make a difference. Videos can be used on websites, emails, landing pages, blogs, TV, social media and other platforms. But the effectiveness of video marketing can vary greatly depending on how it‘s made, what platform it‘s made for, video planning and editing, creativity and a wide range of other factors. Your video strategy could be tremendously positive for your business, maybe neutral, or possibly even harmful if not done right.


But one thing’s for certain: Your business needs video.


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