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How to Choose an Effective Color Scheme

When you’re at the grocery store or shopping online, what catches your eye? What brands and visuals tend to stand out (I’m looking at you, Pop-Tarts)? What colors do you notice first? Even if you don’t consider yourself to be naturally creative or artistic, you undoubtedly understand what grabs your attention. For designers, trying to […]

How to Create a Shared Vision in Your Organization

What do you admire in a leader? That was the question tens of thousands of working people were asked in a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review. Behind honesty, the second most important attribute of a leader was that they be forward-looking. 72% of respondents said this was an important characteristic, and among more-senior […]

How to Increase Conversion Rates with Buyer Personas

It’s impossible to position your product or service to meet customers’ needs without knowing who they are. Intelligent marketers and business strategists know the key to high conversion — regardless of the type of media — is a set of clearly-defined customer (or buyer/marketing) personas. Do you have an accurate idea of your ideal customer? […]

I Second That Emotion(al Intelligence)

Note: No, this isn’t an article about Smokey Robinson (hope I didn’t just lose any potential readers there).   Consider the following scenarios: The CIO tells a female colleague she needs to sit in the back of the room — as a joke. The VP of Procurement tells a subordinate he wouldn’t need a new […]

Is It Possible to Truly Live a Stress-Free Life?

Is it possible to truly live a stress-free life? The short answer is no. However, it is a bit more labyrinthine than that. While it is possible to take steps to reduce stress in life, it is unlikely that the underlying factors will ever be completely eliminated. The reason for this is pretty simple: we […]

5 Signs of Bad Leadership (And What to Do About It)

What’s the one factor that affects how engaged and committed you are to your work? According to a whole bunch (very scientific term) of research, it’s your direct supervisor. Simply put, the better the leader, the happier and more engaged the workforce. From an organizational standpoint, effective leaders positively impact productivity, reduce turnover, and improve […]

Show Me the Money (and Other Ways to Reinforce Team Performance)

The benefits of positive reinforcement in the workplace are innumerable. Reward systems can incentivize and encourage higher levels of productivity, attendance, morale, and retention. They can signal to a team that the work they are doing is important and valuable. Moreover, when positive recognition is aligned with organizational objectives, it can increase profits and reinforce […]

The Benefits of Agile Marketing

Most of us have heard of agile software development and the benefits of implementing it — adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and flexibility. But did you know you can incorporate those processes into your marketing efforts and reap the same benefits? Here are a few ways in which agile marketing can help: […]